*This blog may be triggering* I do not promote self harm or suicide. I'm Cristina, and I love American Horror Story,

Anonymous asked: babe, me and my girl are really in love but shes worried in the future her family wont be ok with us. what should we do?

Just live your life. Stop worrying. Everyone worries about things like that, but if love exists, you’ll be amazed on how many things can be solved if two people really love each other.

Anonymous asked: my last serious relationship was 3 years ago, and although it didn't end horribly, i feel like i never got closure. we remained friends afterward but it only lasted a year before we both stopped messaging each other. it was probably the worst heartbreak i've ever experienced, but i learned to get over it and move on. although i've been in relationships after that, i can't help but think of him sometimes. i wonder how he's doing & if he wonders about me too. i reminisce about our days. is is bad?

Not it’s not bad. You loved him, and because of that it’s normal to think sometimes if you meant something for him. If he thinks at you, if he still wonders if you’re fine, or happy. It’s normal. That doesn’t mean you haven’t moved on. You’ve moved on, you’re just a good person that still thinks at people of the past as well.

Anonymous asked: How do I deal with a guy that I still love but seems perfectly fine without me? He calls us friends when just a few weeks ago we were just lovers. Just ignores me and I feel so worthless. Please help me because I've fallen apart, and I don't even know what happened between us. And I dont want to ask because I know he's much happier without me in his life.

Maybe you need to accept this. I know it’s not okay, and it’s hard, but we can’t make people feel love for us. We just need to understand that sometimes it’s not meant to be and it’s better this way. 

Anonymous asked: I know you're really busy but I just love the advice you give and I'm just in a really sad place right now because the guy that I like left me for a better girl and the worst part is he's liked me for a long time and just now I realized I like him too but he went back to his ex and then came back to me and I let him back in and then he left me again for her and didn't even tell me I had to figure it out on my own. He just stopped talking to me.. I feel like he will try again. Idk what to do :(

So why let him? why are you letting him to leave and come, like you are a damn train station. You’re human. you deserve someone that won’t leave you every time he thinks someone else is better. you deserve someone that thinks that you’re the best.

Anonymous asked: How do you move on and forget someone? Forget someone who can look you in the eyes and tell you they love you and that you're theirs and then the next day want absolutely nothing to do with you because his girl mates are more important and he will always listen to what they tell him to do and calls me names and speaks to me like crap whenever he's with them. What do you do if you love someone so much but they don't love you? Please help me I can't live without him but he doesn't want me

He doesn’t want you now, because he can have you when the hell  he wants. One day, when you’ll get better, you’ll feel nothing for him, and then he’ll want you. that always happens. You’ll see my darling, what’s meant to happen, it will happen. Maybe this is a lesson for you. A lesson you had to learn the hard way. Loving people is good. It’s good because that means you’re decent, and love isn’t for everyone. Not every person is capable of love. But you are. And for that, you should be proud of yourself, even if you’re loving the wrong person now. Someday you’ll love the right one.