*This blog may be triggering* I do not promote self harm or suicide. I'm Cristina, I love American Horror Story, and I've just had sex with

Anonymous asked: do u like answering ur questions

sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Anonymous asked: Sorry if im annoying,Im making this anon. bcuz Im embarrassed i do this-i reply to things people tell you, when I see things that ive been through I just get excited to let people know my opinion too bcuz sometimes I wish people did that for me

Oh it’s alright. I don’t mind it. <3 

Anonymous asked: Also from embarrassed anon-i love your blog, if I need advice I sometimes come to your blog and view what you say to others, please never get rid of your blog :)

I will never. even if I don’t come as often, I will never delete it.

Anonymous asked: heh this is sorta related to last ask but is it bad that im 17 and im having sex with people who are 10-15 years older then me heh

It’s your life honey. I have no right to judge.